Michael A. Hewitt, GISP

EPCAMR Program Manager



Michael’s position as Program Manager at EPCAMR is to coordinate abandoned mine land restoration and remediation of mine drainage impacted streams with dozens of community organizations consisting of local volunteers and community leaders. He provides technical assistance, GIS mapping, project oversight, water monitoring training, educational outreach and writes grants for  EPCAMR and it’s constituents in the Anthracite Coal Region. Michael is the webmaster of www.epcamr.org, where he periodically updates it with links to partners in the region and useful information related to EPCAMR’s mission.  He grew up in Montrose, Pennsylvania and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology and Ecology from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania.

Most recently, Michael became certified as a Geographical Information System Professional (GISP). This certification documents his relevant educational achievements, professional experience, and contributions to the profession, and also affirms his commitment to ethical practices.  Along with that responsibility he maintains a server with over 20TB of mirrored storage capacity for GIS data and company files.

In October of 2012, Michael was honored with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council’s Northeast Environmental Partnership Award for his work in forging environmental partnerships and bringing protection and stewardship to Northeastern Pennsylvania’s environmental resources.

In 2005, Michael produced the first Reclaimed Abandoned Mine Land Inventory System (RAMLIS) GIS Tool and makes a new version every year as data becomes available.  The tool, which is available on a CD or as digital download fromt the EPCAMR Online Store has been distributed nationwide for over a decade.  He also is proficient in the use of GPS technologies to identify and locate mine discharges and other environmental features/resources out in the field.

Michael began working full-time with EPCAMR in September of 2002, already equipped with a proficiency in the use of GIS and computer networks. He assisted in developing and maintaining a GIS workstation and upgraded server capacity within the Luzerne County Conservation District as well as at the current EPCAMR office in Ashley, Pennsylvania. Michael is trained in and utilizes ArcGIS, EarthVision, and other GIS software to provide technical assistance, maps, and environmental data (i.e., land use, water quality, mine discharge, mine land reclamation) to local government officials, conservation districts, watershed associations, non-profit organizations, and other parties interested in Abandoned Mine Reclamation (AMR).

Michael  started out with the Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (EPCAMR) as a Summer OSM Watershed Intern in 2000 and 2001, while finishing his studies at Lock Haven University. During the internships, Michael created 3-D models for educational purposes, including a model of four Abandoned Mine Drainage (AMD) Passive Treatment Technologies used in the EPCAMR region, a groundwater model of an Underground Mine Pool Complex, and a model of a Co-Generation Plant Land Reclamation Operation in 2003 for ARIPPA.

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