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Why does EPCAMR need all this information?

EPCAMR is a non-profit organization.  As such, we are constantly in need of donations (time, talent or treasures) which are used to further the work we do.  The information you provide is used for contacting you and scheduling events.  The information will be kept confidential with EPCAMR and will not be shared with 3rd Parties.  The hours that you work as a volunteer can be utilized for reporting purposes with many of our grants to reduce the amount of cash funding that we would have to come up with to match our programs and projects.  EPCAMR must also maintain a personnel file on all of our volunteers as a part of our Employee Policy Manual, which volunteers will have a chance to review once they are accepted into our pool of volunteers.  EPCAMR reserves the right to accept or deny your application for volunteerism pending further review by the Executive Director.  Questions? Call: (570) 371-3523 and ask for Robert E. Hughes, Executive Director.

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