Volunteer Opportunities

EPCAMR is proud to say we have promoted Volunteerism in coal communities for over two decades!

Volunteer Opportunities:

Sign up for event invites where your help is needed!

Please see our EPCAMR Events for current events where we could use help and Check out our GiveGab site for a list of available volunteer opportunities.  If you are interested, you MUST fill out our Volunteer Registration Form so we can get you connected to opportunities.


  • Cleanups < Spring – Fall >
    Typically EPCAMR coordinates several cleanups per year on abandoned mine sites along streams. Illegal dumping on mine lands and along streams is a big problem in the Coal Region. Help EPCAMR change this pattern!

  • Beautification Projects < Spring – Fall >
    Some cleaned up sites are suitable for beautification projects to deter future mistreatment of the land. We need volunteers to help us weed, rebuild stone walls, and remove graffiti. Help EPCAMR keep these sites looking good!
  • Festivals and Children’s Activities < Year Round >
    EPCAMR presents or displays at many functions, which can be as simple as setting up the EPCAMR display and talk to people about what we do or as complex as conducting an AMD Tie-dye Workshop. There are a few events that we miss because our staff simply does not have enough time in the day. Educational events with children are an “investment for the future”. With your help, we can make it to every event. Help us spread the word and teach the community about past mining issues!


  • Reclaim Crew Flier“Reclaim Crew” Volunteers
    When you have some time on your hands to help out a good cause!  EPCAMR is a nonprofit organization with a small efficient staff. We get a lot accomplished, but it not without the help of volunteers that help tackle our tremendous workload.
  • Internships
    Work experience you can add to your resume! EPCAMR offers internships, in partnership with local Colleges and Universities. These internships are generally available in the spring and summer, but we can sometimes accommodate otherwise. We will work with your school to get you credits toward graduation.

College internships and volunteer positions are ALWAYS available. Visit our Staff Page for Internship Postings.  If interested, please fill out our Volunteer Registration Form and follow up with Robert Hughes.

Students processing Iron oxide at EPCAMR Office

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