Nanticoke Creek


Nanticoke Creek is approximately 20 miles long, originating at the Hanover Reservoir and near Witinski Villa along Wilkes-Barre Mountain in Hanover Township and discharging into the North Branch of the Susquehanna River in Nanticoke City.  Nanticoke Creek is located in the southeastern portion of Wyoming Valley and is contained within four (4) municipalities. The Nanticoke Creek Watershed is comprised of three (3) individual sub-watersheds including Leuders Creek, and Espy Run.  A majority of the watershed is underlain by underground mines and a mine pool, to which it loses surface water flows.  There is evidence of stream rerouting, specifically in the Espy Run sub watershed, where the headwater section coming from Espy Gap has been severed from the lower section of Espy Run around the Rhone Section of Hanover Township.  The headwaters section of Espy Run is routed northeast to Leuders Creek.  The creek picks up two AMD deep mine discharges: the Truesdale Shaft near Askam and the Espy Run Seeps near Loomis Park.

Reports for the Watershed:

Operation SCARLIFT: Nanticoke, Warrior and Solomon Creeks

The impact of mining on the Newport and Nanticoke Creek watersheds, Luzerne County, PA – a one-year assessment of physical and biological impacts / prepared by Wilkes University Wetland Technical Team.

Section 206 – Ecosystem Restoration: Nanticoke Creek Watershed, Luzerne County, PA – a plan for restoration of the watershed by the Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District.

Photos from the Watershed:

Espy Run (Phase 1) Discharge Phase1Wetland.JPG 95647429094_5212626.jpg 95647429094_5212645.jpg 95647429094_8219604.jpg Phase2HoldingPond.JPG OrangeFrogC.JPG 95647429094_8219567.jpg 95647429094_8219566.jpg EPCAMRCollectingSampleA.JPG

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