Wyoming Valley Watersheds


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There are several watersheds that drain directly to the Susquehanna River in the Wyoming Valley (Wilkes-Barre Area).  The Wyoming Valley is actually the lower half of the Lackawanna Synclinorium (a geologic term for the specific type of valley).  It makes up a little more than 1/2 of the Northern Anthracite Coal Field, therefore, a majority of the streams that run from the headwaters flanking its ridge-top boundaries are impaired in one form or another.  Several streams in the watershed are on PA DEP’s Integrated List of Waters: Impaired List (formerly the 303(d) list).  Whether it be heavy metals, acidity and/or sedimentation closer to the mouths of each stream or flow alteration and surface water loss to the mines below closer to the headwaters, the streams show classic signs of the impact that underground mining imposes on a watershed.  The streams are also impaired by classic symptoms of urbanization like stormwater runoff, sewer overflows, sedimentation, unstable banks, channelization, and rerouting of streams.

The streams in the Wyoming Valley are a far cry from the pristine streams that were originally found by the Connecticut Settlers, but there are several groups working together to make improvements and keep them flowing properly.  Please choose the watershed below for available reports and reference materials.  EPCAMR would like to keep this page as a “live” online library for watershed studies on the streams in the Wyoming Valley.

East Side (North to South):

Mill Creek Watershed

Solomon Creek Watershed

Warrior Creek Watershed

Nanticoke Creek Watershed

Newport Creek Watershed

Black and Turtle Creek Watersheds

West Side (North to South):

Hicks Creek Watershed

Abraham Creek Watershed

Toby Creek Watershed

Brown, Wadham and Coal Creek Watersheds

Harveys Creek Watershed

Hunlock Creek Watershed

Shickshinny Creek Watershed

Paddy and Rocky Run Watersheds


General Wyoming Valley Watershed Studies:

Operation SCARLIFT: Wyoming Valley

Act 167 Stormwater Plan for Luzerne County – Mill, Solomon, Toby and Wapwallopen Creeks and Problem Areas

Wyoming Valley Watershed Coalition Website

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