Lackawanna River Watershed

The Lackawanna River Watershed contains the largest abandoned mine discharge (AMD)  in the Susquehanna River Watershed and quite possibly the largest AMD source in the Eastern U.S. (by volume).  100+/- cubic feet per second of iron laden water flows from the Old Forge Borehole into the Lackawanna River near Old Forge, PA.  With the combined efforts of the Lackawanna River Corridor Association (LRCA), the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC), PA Tectonics and EPCAMR, the discharge flow has been quantified using a transducer/stilling well rating curve to calculate flow.  Water quality was also collected recently to allow a loading calculations. The Lackawanna River Corridor Association (LRCA), Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) and EPCAMR recently completed a Lower Lackawanna Watershed Assessment and Restoration Plan. Please see the slideshow below.

The Lackawanna River Corridor Association was established in 1987 to “promote the restoration and conservation of the Lackawanna River and its watershed resources in the great Northeast Pennsylvania.”  The LRCA is a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization promoting our river through education, public involvement, consensus building, partnerships and hands on opportunities for young and old.  Please see their website at for more information.

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