Global Positioning System (GPS) Field Work

We’ve gone wireless! The EPCAMR staff currently uses the Bluetooth-compatible Teletype GPS unit in combination with an HP iPAQ 4350, which runs ARC PAD 6.0, for field work. It is an excellent tool for real-time data entry and GIS layer creation. GIS information collected in the field is easily transferred to ArcMap for storage, manipulation, and map production.



In Summer 2004, EPCAMR was contracted to delineate wetlands near Sheppton, Pennsylvania. To the right is Robert Hughes, EPCAMR Executive Director, taking the latitude, longitude, and elevation of the Audenried Mine Tunnel Discharge.



To the left is Michael Hewitt, EPCAMR Program Manager, marking wetland plant communities near the Green Mountain Tunnel.



To the right is Michael, again, taking the latitude, longitude, and elevation of a beaver dam on the Nanticoke Creek as a part of the EPCAMR/OSM Wyoming Valley Watershed Macro-Invertebrate Study (2003).

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