Project Management Assistance

EPCAMR offers project management assistance to groups, such as watershed organizations and local government, that do not have the ability or experience to manage multi-phased construction projects, involving passive AMD treatment systems or AML reclamation projects. EPCAMR Staff is available to aid other organizations through “on-the-ground” work and/or technical assistance on reclamation projects throughout the EPCAMR Region.

How does this work?

EPCAMR Staff would need to be written into the group’s grant proposal as a sub-contractor for a given project. Groups are encouraged to talk with EPCAMR Staff prior to writing us into the grant. Our Board of Trustees must approve of this project assistance, unless the project is specific to AMD or AML. AMD and AML services are provided without cost, compliments of the PA DEP 319 Non-point Source Program Grant.

The EPCAMR Executive Director, Robert Hughes, has coordinated projects for AMD remediation and AML reclamation throughout Pennsylvania since 1996. The EPCAMR Program Manager, Michael Hewitt, has been coordinating local remediation projects with watershed groups across the EPCAMR Region since 2000. Please see our Staff Page for more of their qualifications and information on the rest of our Staff.

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