Grant Writing Support

EPCAMR Staff is available to assist local community groups, government, and other nonprofit organizations in seeking funds from various levels of government and private foundations for AML reclamation and AMD remediation projects in the within the EPCAMR Region.

Grant Writing Assistance

EPCAMR Staff can direct groups to the source(s) of funding that may apply to their specific restoration projects. We are available to assist in preparing technical, science-based proposals that follow the specific criteria and specifications of the funder. However, EPCAMR will not prepare grants entirely. We will work with the grant writer to submit a quality proposal. In addition, EPCAMR does not guarantee that our assistance will lead to an award for every submitted proposal, but we have had the privilege to assist with dozens of grant applications over the last several years that have been successfully awarded.

Lending Fiduciary Responsibility

Not all community groups have gone through all the steps required to be able to accept grant funding (i.e., 501(c)(3) status, incorporation). EPCAMR has acted as the sponsor or Fiduciary Responsible Party for many projects that fit our scope of work in the EPCAMR Region. We ask that you request sponsorship as early in the grant-writing process as possible, since this decision requires EPCAMR Board approval.

Funding through EPCAMR

EPCAMR keeps a list of grants that groups in our Region are eligible for, related to education, AML reclamation, and AMD remediation, on our Links Page. EPCAMR also manages grant programs, from time to time. These grant programs can be found on our website, in the Grant Opportunities section.

Letters of Support

EPCAMR is happy to provide a Letter of Support for any grant related to AMD remediation or AML reclamation projects within the EPCAMR Region. In order to obtain a letter, EPCAMR requires applicants to provide an Executive Summary of their proposal. EPCAMR encourages groups to submit their requests at least 2 weeks before the grant deadline, in order to give the EPCAMR Staff enough time to review the proposal and produce the letter.

EPCAMR has a broad background in AMD remediation and AML reclamation. Please consider us not only as a source of information, but also as a potential partner for grants submitted within the EPCAMR Region. An example of our assistance is the development of PA’s Comprehensive Plan for Abandoned Mine Reclamation. We also collect completed treatment system information to submit to

Growing Greener Program

EPCAMR has also been involved with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP)         Growing Greener Grants Program since its inception and since 2004, has played a vital role in reviewing and acknowledging applications prior to their submission to the PA DEP. In the past, extra points were awarded an application that had a Letter of Acknowledgement and Support from EPCAMR, its sister coalition in Western PA, WPCAMR. A Letter of Acknowledgement and Support is no longer required, but still suggested. As Growing Greener funding has been declining over the years, EPCAMR joined a coalition to Renew Growing Greener.

Environmental Good Samaritan Act Coverage

Individuals and organizations involved with AML reclamation projects, AMD remediation projects, or abandoned oil and gas well-plugging may be eligible for coverage under the Environmental Good Samaritan Act. The Act relieves landowners and project participants from personal liability for pollution, property damage, and personal injury associated with the project. Good Samaritan coverage may also be requested for projects that do not involve Growing Greener funding. EPCAMR encourages you to contact the PA DEP District Mining Offices or Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation Offices in your region. You can find more information related to the Environmental Good Samaritan Act at the Growing Greener Website.

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