Trout in the Classroom

EPCAMR is proud to host approximately 200 Brook Trout for the Fall 2016 to Spring 2017.  Below is a live feed!  You can watch them develop right before your eyes.

You are viewing our demonstration trout in the classroom tank located in our office.  If you would like to see them, test water and/or feed them in person, please setup a visit with EPCAMR staff.  The trout eggs arrived the first week of November.  We are excited to raise these little brookies and release them into nearby Solomon Creek.  We would like to thank Stanley Cooper Chapter of Trout Unlimited (for covering a majority of the supply costs), PA Trout Unlimited and PA Fish and Boat Commission for their support and training.

Below are archive footage of different steps of development/activities.  Reminder, these are live feeds.  We realize they need some editing, but we didn’t want to halt the availability of the videos.  We will get them off YouTube, edit them and repost them at a later time.

11/3/16 Counting and sorting the viable eggs.  We ended up with 198 viable eggs.  You will have to fast forward the video to about the 9 minute mark when we move the camera.

11/3/16 Acclimating and placing the eggs in the hatching baskets.

EPCAMR’s participation in the Trout In the Classroom program was made possible through a unique partnership between PA Fish and Boat Commission and PA Council of Trout Unlimited. This partnership, coupled with assistance from local conservation organizations, was created to introduce Pennsylvania students to coldwater resources and their importance to all communities. The partnership also provides brook trout eggs, trout food, technical assistance, curriculum connections and teacher workshops each year.

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