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Programs, Presentations, and Resources for Teachers

EPCAMR Staff has a variety of presentations and information that we offer to schools, watershed groups, civic groups, and local government for a small program service fee (typically $100). Below are sample topics that can be covered in a presentation that generally lasts 30 minutes to an hour, depending on detail and age-level/previous knowledge of the audience. Hands-on activities may take a little longer to prepare and conduct (and may include an extra charge to cover supplies). Please see our Environmental Education Programs Brochure for more details.


1. Your School’s Watershed Manual: Student projects to help watershed groups

2. Whats in your Water?: Abandoned Mine Drainage in Local Watersheds Education Module: A good overview of AMD, set to curriculum standards

3. AMD in a Jar and a Box of Rocks: Presentation on various types of AMD and AML geology including different types of coal, use of limestone, and general geology; A very visual and hands-on presentation

4. Chemistry Tests: Using our HACH AMD Testing Kits, which consist of pH, Iron, Alkalinity, and Acidity tests

5. In-Stream Macro-invertebrate Sampling: Using kick-nets to catch and identify macros with the Stroud Water Research Leaf Pack Kit

6. Various PowerPoint presentations full of colorful pictures of many of our reclamation and remediation projects throughout the region

7. AMD Tie-Dye Workshop: We can demonstrate how to tie-dye t-shirts, table cloths, furniture, and wood, with our dried AMD Iron oxide pigment; Bring your own t-shirts, table cloths, and furniture; Download instructions here -> Iron oxide Tie-dye Activity

8. Painting with Soil and AMD Sediments: An activity from our friends at the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS); The colors and textures of soil painting are fascinating and offer a creative opportunity for all students!

9. 3-D Model: Shows 4 different AMD Passive Treatment System remediation designs (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)…but check out this 3-D Model Legacy Presentation

10. Pet Rock Activity:
Anthracite Pet Rock Activity
Bituminous Pet Rock Activity
Lignite Pet Rock Activity

11. 3-D Model: Shows how an underground mine pool flows and creates AMD in an abandoned Anthracite mine (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

12. GIS Demonstrations: How EPCAMR uses GIS/GPS to coordinate AMD and reclamation projects in the region

13. Environmental Education Curriculum Activities related to AMD: Thanks to the Saint Vincent College Environmental Education Center, we are able to offer teachers Primary and Secondary Education Courses and Workshops for Continuing Education Credits(CECs). An example of one of the modules is “Settle it Out”, which explains the process of removing metals from water using a wetland treatment system. All materials are on the Saint Vincent College Environmental Education Center website.

14. AMD Avengers vs. the Pollution Posse Activity/Coloring Book: For elementary education teachers and students; Also a great learning tool for adults and community members alike.

Please visit our online collection of Reference Materials and Workbooks and our Links Page where you can find links to resources that might be helpful in finding additional environmental education materials.

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