Watershed Planning Beyond Municipal Boundaries

EPCAMR encourages municipal governments to get involved in AMD remediation and AML reclamation projects within their municipal boundaries and beyond on a watershed scale. EPCAMR also encourages municipal governments and planning commissions to seek out the same grant sources sought by community watershed groups and other non-profit organizations whose ultimate goal is to restore abandoned mine lands and clean up AMD that flows through their communities. EPCAMR supports the reclamation and redevelopment of what are now called “grayfields” or former industrial sites, such as abandoned mining sites and related businesses, that are typically called brownfields (under the Superfund Act). EPCAMR will provide the same technical assistance to municipal governments that it does to local community watershed groups.

EPCAMR Staff are available to assist local municipal governments, planning commissions, and County Governments, in seeking funds from various levels of government and private foundation support for reclamation and AMD remediation projects in the region.

EPCAMR Staff can assist in getting local governments directly to the specific sources of funding that might apply to various types of watershed restoration projects and land reclamatio projects. The Staff are available to assist in preparing technically-sound, science-based proposals that will follow the specific criteria and specifications of the potential funders.

While the EPCAMR Staff will not prepare grants entirely and hand them over directly to local governments that are in need of assistance, the Staff will try and assist local governments prepare high quality, well-written, proposals for submission to the various funders. EPCAMR does not guarantee that our assistance will lead to every proposal that is submitted with our assistance, but over the last several years, dozens of applications that were prepared with technical assistance provided by the EPCAMR Staff have been successfully awarded to our partners who submitted the proposals.

Please see our Grant Management and Technical Support section for more details.

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