Write to your Legislators

You have probably been directed here from another page on this site urging action.  So, now that you are an expert in all things abandoned mine related, please speak out about the issues.  Be sure to speak to the right level of government depending on the particular issue.

Find National Legislators…

Use this widget provided by Countable.us to contact your U.S. Representatives.  

Find State Representatives too…

Please visit CommonCause.org which allows you to enter your home address and find representatives including state representatives.

Find Local or County Representatives…

Best way to do this is probably to “google it“.  Search for terms like “contact {insert your county and state here} commissioners”  or “contact {insert your municipality and state here} council”.

Interested in what role money plays in politics?

Go to FollowTheMoney.org. Select the “My District” link. Follow the Money is a nonprofit non-partisan website, created by the The National Institute on Money in State Politics, tracks political donations in all 50 states. Money plays a pivotal role in shaping public policy in each state and across the nation. This site has exorbitant amounts of information to review.

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