COALition for a Coal Miners Commemorative Postage Stamp

EPCAMR has been a continued supporter and Friend of this particular Coalition for many years. We encourage you to read their newsletter and join their effort as we have done in order to have a simple request…that a stamp be commemorated in honor of the Coal Miner, if not for our Region, but for the lives they endured to make this Nation, a great country.  If Mickey Mouse can have a stamp, so can the coal miner.

Sign the Petition The online petition now has nearly 17,000 signatures supporting the issuance of a Coal Miners’ Commemorative Postage Stamp. Please take a moment to email friends and relatives who have not signed the petition, and ask them to do so and spread the word. It takes less than a minute and makes a huge difference. EPCAMR believes in this project and we think that we can reach a large audience in the Region to support their efforts. Show the Coal Miners’ Commemorative Postage Stamp Coalition that the Eastern PA Coalition is behind them, until we see a stamp that’s fitting for a Coal Miner.  The PA House of Representatives also has a Petition to Sign.

The COALition is on a continual campaign to contact state and federal elected officials, newspapers, coal-related tourist sites and museums, coal related authors and other celebrities, and anyone else they can think of whose letter to the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee might make a difference. They start in January as soon as Congress and the state legislatures convene. They will also be collecting signatures, and supporting other signature collection efforts, such as the one being conducted by the Knights of Columbus.

They need volunteers, now more than ever, to contact their state and federal elected officials asking for their support for the Coal Miners Stamp.  You can do this directly from their website at or their facebook page.

The group is a totally volunteer organization comprised of people with work and family responsibilities. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated by them and more importantly, by all the coal miners living and dead, whom we both are trying to honor.

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