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StreamTreatHave a stream that was polluted, but now is cleaner?

Tell us about it in the form below. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) is eager to know of stream improvements and begin the process of removing streams from the Integrated List of Impaired Waters (formerly the 303 (d) List) through the TMDL Process (what is a TMDL?).

Please be as descriptive as possible. There are many required fields. Once you have filled out the form, please click the “submit” button. Any errors will show up in red for you to fix before re-submitting. Be sure to type the verification code exactly as shown (case sensitive). The form is successfully submitted when a message shows up at the bottom of the screen stating “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.” If you are having problems filling out this form, feel free to contact Michael Hewitt via e-mail or phone (570) 371-3522.

Where does this information go?

EPCAMR collects this information in a database attached to this site. Once the information is verified, we will suggest the stream to be reassessed. EPCAMR is dedicated to giving credit where credit is due, so all information will be reported (unless requested otherwise in “Other Comments”).

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