Abandoned Mine Reclamation Community Cooperation Survey! Your Input Is Needed!

AMR Community Cooperation Survey

It is widely accepted that Pennsylvania is a leader in abandoned mine reclamation (AMR).  Many here in PA would agree that one reason we are so successful is because we have developed and maintained a cooperative community of agency employees at all levels of government, non-profit watershed associations, academia, and professional representatives of industry, business, and construction contractors all working towards a common good.  But beyond our cooperation, what specifically sets the AMR Community in Pennsylvania apart and what lessons can other abandoned coal mining-impacted states across our nation learn from us?


The Western PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (WPCAMR) is interested in these questions and would like your participation in a discussion.  We are starting off with A SURVEY that digs deep.  It is only 20 questions, but it will get you thinking about PA’s success in AMR and the watershed movement more broadly.  We would like anyone and everyone who participates in abandoned mine reclamation in any capacity to complete THE SURVEY.

We will also be contacting key individuals for more in depth conversations on this topic.  If you would like to discuss this with us, feel free to give WPCAMR a call anytime at 724-832-3625 and ask for Anne Daymut.

We know that we are all busy and surveys can feel like a burden, but they can also be fun and, most likely, we have all thought about these questions a time or two.  And, who doesn’t like talking about themselves on occasion?  So, HERE is your chance to contribute to a great conversation. EPCAMR would like for our volunteers and partners in the region to participate in the survey. The results of THIS SURVEY will be shared at a national conference in September and will help to develop a Toolkit for the grassroots campaign underway that is promoting the Reauthorization of the collection fees associated with the Surface Mine Control and Reclamation Act of 1977.  Pass it along to anyone who can contribute.

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