EPCAMR Brings on Mallory Pinkowksi as Summer Watershed Outreach Intern

Mallory Pinkowski, a native of the Wyoming Valley, lives in Swoyersville, PA. She is a Junior at Temple University, pursuing a degree in Geology through the College of Science and Technology. She is very excited to get out of Philadelphia and return home for the Summer. Mallory stated, “being away at college, in a busy city, makes me miss the easiness of home. I am excited to return to the fresh air, green grass, trees, and yes, even my family!”

Mallory Pinkowski enjoying a day hike has joined us for the Summer 2015 as a Watershed Outreach Specialist Intern. She's a Senior at Temple University pursuing her degree in Geology.

Mallory Pinkowski enjoying a day hike

In her past three years at college, she has done a great amount of field work, ranging from course field trips to research with one of her professors to studying volcanoes in Hawaii. She has been very fortunate to have these opportunities. She excitedly stated, “I’m also very fortunate to be interning with EPCAMR. This experience will be very different for me because the work being done is in my own backyard, addressing local environmental issues that are so close to home! This will be the first time I am mixing my education with my home life. I am excited to become more educated on the environmental issues the Wyoming Valley faces, and am even more excited to become a part of one of the leading environmental nonprofit organizations in Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania.” EPCAMR has a team of dedicated and passionate environmental professionals addressing these issues and are skilled in many areas of the environment. We are eager to hand on some of those skills to Mallory.

Mallory has some extensive field experiences that will help her transition very easily into the field work EPCAMR carries out on mining-impacted lands and waterways. She has already downloaded data from rain gauges and water level loggers and managed data in database files. She has collected soil samples in Philadelphia, PA on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) for a background study with the US EPA, and has put many hours in the field touring and sampling around volcanoes in Hawaii, through GeoVentures. Mallory is taking courses in remote sensing and GIS that will come in handy at EPCAMR. She will be interning for around 16 hours a week through the Summer and will help out during programs and projects where necessary.

Smiling, EPCAMR Executive Director, Robert Hughes, said, “When I found out she also works at The Lands at Hillside Farms, Shavertown, PA, known for their great-tasting ice cream and chocolate milk, I had to take that work experience into consideration too.”

EPCAMR has an existing partnership with The Lands at Hillside Farms and Pennsylvania American Water to conduct AMD Tie-Dye Workshops with youth day campers on the grounds every year. Robert said, “I never leave without going for an ice cream; mint chocolate chip is my favorite.”

Welcome home for the Summer, Mallory! EPCAMR is glad to have you on board!

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