EPCAMR Supports Waste Coal Tax Credit Senate Bill 1346 that will continue to remove Culm Banks through ARIPPA Plants

Senator Don White’s Waste Coal Tax Credit bill is in need of support. EPCAMR and ARIPPA member plants know the importance of removing these refuse coal piles to improve local waterways. Improvements have been seen in many watersheds during the last 25 years thanks to the work done by Pennsylvania waste coal plants in removing and reusing this refuse coal. We also know that today’s depressed power prices coupled with high costs are making it economically difficult for these plants to stay in business. Senate Bill (SB 1346) introduced by Senator Don White and its accompanying  House Bill (HB2265) introduced by State Representative Jaret Gibbons will provide a tax credit for removing the waste coal and reusing the CFB coal ash to reclaim land. This bill is good for the EPCAMR Region and our watersheds still plagued by abandoned mine lands and waste coal banks. It’s also good for PA. Join the list of coalition members on http://www.betterwaterpa.org/, if you are an organization, watershed group, or Conservation District in an abandoned mine impacted county across PA, which there are at least 45 of them. Individuals need to log on and send letters to show support. 

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of tires lie in the bottom of the mine hole in Plymouth off of Jersey Road and Route 11. (Edward Pikulski)

The Avondale Pit pre-reclamation (Edward Pikulski)

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