EPCAMR has once again partnered with the Anthracite Region Independent Power Producer’s Association (ARIPPA) to offer a competitive award to watershed organizations working on Abandoned Mine Land (AML) and/or Abandoned Mine Drainage (AMD) remediation projects in the Anthracite Region.  Grants,  at a maximum of $2,500, will be awarded to at least one eligible environmental organization or Conservation District in the Anthracite Region actively working on AML/AMD issues. EPCAMR is hoping to see several good projects that we can leverage the funding for this year.  Grant proposals should be for on-the-ground AML/AMD construction projects with a completion date between one year prior and one year after the grant application deadline.

The amount granted is dependent upon demonstrated need.  Applying organizations must support the mission of ARIPPA, including the removal and conversion of waste coal into alternative energy and the beneficial use of CFB ash for AML/AMD reclamation. Organized in 1988, ARIPPA is a non-profit trade association based in Camp Hill, PA.  Membership is located in both the Anthracite and Bituminous Regions of Pennsylvania and comprised of:

  • Independent electric generating plants producing alternative energy and/or steam from coal refuse and
  • Businesses associated with the coal refuse – to – alternative energy industry.

Accordingly, ARIPPA is organized to:

  • advance the alternative energy electric power production industry,
  • encourage education about the generation of alternative energy and related industries,
  • promote the environmentally responsible production of electric power,
  • promote the utilization of alternative energy electric power,
  • endorse the continuity and growth of the alternative energy power production industry,
  • assist in meeting this country’s energy, industrial, economic, and environmental needs.

Due in part to ARIPPA member activities, unsightly coal refuse piles and the problems associated with them are gradually disappearing. Thousands of acres of land have been and continue to be reclaimed to a natural state or for productive use and future development.  ARIPPA facilities remove and utilize coal refuse from both past and current mining activities, thereby abating acid mine drainage from coal refuse piles.  ARIPPA reports that 145 million tons of coal refuse has been processed and converted into alternative energy by their member plants from 1998 to 2008.  Further, the technology used to convert coal refuse to electricity, known as Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) technology, produces alkaline-rich ash by-products.  There are many beneficial uses for CFB ash including; filling mine pits, as a replacement for lime (for acid mine drainage remediation), for acid mine drainage remediation, as a soil amendment at mining sites, and/or as a concrete additive for roadways.

The unique nature of ARIPPA’s work combined with the desire to coordinate efforts with environmentally oriented groups and governmental agencies symbolize a commitment to improving the landscape and environment of our nation.  You can obtain the official Request for Proposals and supporting documents at the following two links:

ARIPPA Award Page

You can learn more about ARIPPA at:

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