Cindy Kern Puts Her Camera to Work as an EPCAMR Volunteer

On August 28th, Cindy Kern, resident of Forty Fort, Pennsylvania, became an EPCAMR volunteer. She has a curiosity for all things water-related. Cindy was referred to EPCAMR through VolunteerMatch, where we have a list of volunteer opportunities for people interested in addressing local water quality problems. EPCAMR volunteers have the opportunity to benefit our organization and become environmental stewards.


Cindy had the opportunity to join EPCAMR on a regional tour, showcasing abandoned mine drainage (AMD) impacts throughout the Lackawanna and Wyoming Valleys. This trip also demonstrated how EPCAMR and our partners are trying to clean up polluted mine water. She came with camera in hand, excited to adventure into the world of AMD. She helped photographically document the locations visited on the tour in order for EPCAMR to show partners and community members who may not be aware of AMD problems. Cindy was able to portray the tour locations in a more meaningful, artistic way. EPCAMR appreciates her time and is looking forward to her joining us on other adventures, tours, and environmental outreach events throughout the region.

After the tour with EPCAMR, Cindy shared, “I can’t believe how much I learned from just one tour with EPCAMR on the severity of water pollution problems locally! I am much more informed now and I want to continue to learn about what is being done to clean up these AMD polluted waters. EPCAMR is doing great things and I am fascinated by the amount of work being done with such little publicity.”

EPCAMR Executive Director, Robert Hughes said, “Like the old saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ Cindy’s photos can cut down on the amount of words I have to write in a grant, saving time that could be spent on other projects throughout the region. Just look at one of her photographs of the Old Forge Borehole AMD Discharge into the Lackawanna River and you’ll ‘get the picture.'”

Old Forge AMD Borehole Discharge

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