EPCAMR makes Cover Story of Local Magazine on Ultimate Recycling of our Iron Oxide

EPCAMR was able to provide a staff reporter and a photographer from THE WEEKENDER Magazine, with a 2 hour tour of AMD in the Wyoming Valley a few weeks ago to inform them of our efforts to reclaim abandoned mines and recycle mine drainage that has been polluting our local waterways for decades. They did a wonderful job of covering the story just in time for the Halloween and Fall Festival season using the black, orange, yellow, and reddish colored hues that are typically seen on trees and pumpkins in the Fall, but this year, instead chose to make the front cover out of local mine drainage discharges, stained roadways, orange creeks, yellow boreholes, and out of the stylish and always color coordinated Executive Director, Robert E. Hughes.  You’ll find the article and cover story  at many newstands where the Times-Leader is found and best of all it is FREE. You can also find the article on FaceBook on THE WEEKENDER’s website. Click here for the store—->http://www.theweekender.com/cover/Ultimate_recycling_10-11-2011.html

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